Just a dot in the world map this hilly state of India (separate Kingdom prior 1975) is flanked by Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet (China) on its western, eastern and northern. . . . .



Located at an elevation of 2134 meter Darjeeling is surrounded by tea plantation. Popular hill station since the time of British establishment people come here now. . . . .



Marked by the boundary of the western Himalayan peaks and the vast Tibetan plateau, Ladakh is one of the most remote regions of India and has been variously . . .



The biggest natural museum in the world. Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio-diversity due to its unique geographical position and . . . . . . . .

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About The Company

Established with the vision to create employment possibilities to underprivileged individuals and also to devise a platform of opportunities and benefits for all the section of people of the community, Travel Arranger a registered ecological professional travel outfit has been in operation in tourism industry since decade. Owned by the group of educated youths having sound knowledge about every aspects of the travel, the company is governed by the sense of ownership.

Since its venture in tourism business the company has been open to many new challenges and opportunities, eventually, perfecting its services. Accountability, transparency, organized, responsible and reasonable tourism are some of the most precedence aspects of the company. In view of that, every facets of the travel are well addressed by the company. Special attention is given even to minute clientele prerequisite, in order to make the trip not only pleasant but also to make it the memory of life time for our clients. Because we understand the value of their vacation.

Being into the hospitality industry, the company believes that client contentment is paramount. Just for sake of getting business the company does not allure clients with the false sense of unreasonable promises. Eventually, this principle has focused the company towards providing unmatched services when it comes to satisfying needs and desires of clients. So next time you plan for your vacation, do give us the opportunity to cater you.

Adivce and Suggestion

The travel phenomenon that we witness today has its root to ancient history. However, with the clicking of clock and some marvelous revolution there has been dramatic change in the pattern. What so ever be the purpose there is no denying the fact that millions of commuter round the globe travels. In the course, sometime we tend to overshadow a very vital component which is safety. Honestly speaking, no place in the world today is safe heaven, but it would be wise to keep updating about the current environment.

Though fundamental but indeed very indispensable the company unremittingly scrutinizes the global health and safety status affecting its client and team. Needless to say however we suggest our clients to get the clear picture beforehand about the destination they would prefer to visit. Moreover, some of the travel activities may be physical demanding, and therefore would sound health come into spotlight. The better the physical condition!! more pleasant will be the experience!!

Driven by the travel professionals, we are familiar with few health risks that may be encountered, but are not doctors. Therefore, it would be very useful to ensure own sound health as well as advice or ask for the health attention needed prior to journey.  
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